SERVICES  RailPod offers a variety of inspection services on a day-to-day frequency

Routine Inspections

RailPod collects and processes data from a variety of sensors. Track Geometry such as gague, alignment, cross level, elevation, and track surface are captured by the RailPod. In addition, Track Structure such as ballast and cross-tie conditions may be reported. RailPod provides this data to the inspector in real-time.

Contingency Inspections

Consider the time and resources necessary to inspect railroad infrastructure after a significant weather event such as a hurricane, tornado, or extreme heat. RailPod robots provide real-time inspections of rail infrastructure allowing the track maintenance personnel to travel directly to the problem while improving the efficiency of operations.

Security & Surveillance

RailPod robots are capable of transitioning through rail yards and throughout your infrastructure autonomously without point movements. RailPod robots come equipped with video cameras capable of providing 360 degree views. Real-time distribution of video provides time and position synchronized video to directly target your security needs.