Who we are

RailPod entered the railroad track inspection industry after winning the MassChallenge in 2013 with a $100,000 prize and a mission to make railroads safer and more efficient. The RailPod vehicles you see working on the tracks today have gone through four generations of development.

The RailPod is small, portable, customizable and operator friendly. With a short training period, just about anyone can use our system to collect high quality track and wayside data. The RailPod platform delivers best-in-class data for an assortment of track and wayside inspection services. The highly accurate and repeatable data, combined with low operating costs, allows for predictive maintenance actions to help reduce capital budgets or better optimize maintenance budgets.

By combining the RailPod vehicle with our web-based software, customers have immediate access to a variety of inspection reports that are GIS based. Data includes track geometry, rail wear, clearances, overhead catenary, asset mapping, and broken rail detection. Customers have access to rail profile views, plotting views, mapping views, and customized reporting. Automated run-on-run views allow the user to quickly ascertain variations from one inspection to another. Additional services are being rolled out on a continuous basis.

RailPod’s technology is modernizing railroad track inspection and maintenance of way. Call us today!

Our Team

RailPod employs a group of talented engineers and supporting staff to deliver world class services to the global market. We are passionate about modernizing the inspection industry and providing the best solution to all of our customers.