RailPod’s software solution can be accessed from any web browser. The data is transmitted in real time to an inspector in the field and the software portal. All data can be integrated with existing IT systems and mobile platforms.

Browser Based

Customers are able to access the 24/7 web based data portal from their desktop, laptop, or tablet.  RailPod also offers a phone app for access to historical data as well as allow the customer to generate new inspection reports with the convenience of a smartphone.

Multiple Views

The 24/7 web based software solution provides multiple formats for viewing data and generating reports. Multiple users can access the same data.

Download Files

The software solution offers flexibility to download data files to a variety of different formats (e.g. CSV, TXT, DWG, XML, KML, MPD, SQL, TRC, etc.). The customer owns their data and the customer can download and extract their data from the web portal at any time. RailPod will work with the customer to ensure proper file format for their specific needs.